Smith Lake Web Cam@ Duncan Bridge, Smith Lake, Alabama

This Smith Lake web cam was set up for your convenience at my office at Duncan Bridge in Jasper. It’s available 24/7, so check it whenever you want to check on lake activity as well as weather conditions. Some even use it to monitor traffic on Hwy 257/Hwy41.

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Let’s build a Smith Lake web cam network from this site! Do you have a web cam set up at Smith Lake? Send me a link and maybe I’ll link to your cam too!

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  1. Our jet ski dock was stolen Thursday, July 7 2016 at 6:15 pm from Yellow Creek area in Houston. It was a cream colored DECK BOAT with a burgundy/maroon stripe (could have been white with red). There were 5 – 6 young people (late teens, early 20’s) in the boat. The driver was a male with light brown/sandy hair, there was also a girl with platinum blonde hair. They tied our dock up to the back of their boat and drove away with it, with our neighbor watching and taking pictures. They turned left, which would have taken them toward Brushy Bridge or Duncan Bridge. Is there any way to review footage from Thursday evening, from about 6:30 pm to about 8:30? If anyone saw anything, it would also be much appreciated if you would notify the Winston County Sheriff’s Department at 205-489-2115 A stolen property report was filed and we will press charges unless they return the dock to our boat dock. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!

  2. Luv this web cam shot…I spent lots of days on a houseboat as a child in the 1960’s at Duncan Bridge…Great memories…The image is foggy as though there is maybe a film on the lens or window if inside…still great shot…thnx for all you do.


    Alan Wilson
    Wellington, AL

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Live Cam at Duncan Bridge, Lewis Smith Lake – Enjoy!